How to measure for vertical blind slats only. For complete blinds scroll down.

Take down one of your slats, lay it down flat on a table or the floor.
Make sure it is straight and level.
Get a metal tape measure and measure from the bottom of the slat to the the other end of the slat. If you look at the photo below, you will see it includes the bottom pocket for the weight and the top pocket for the hanger.
DO NOT MEASURE the hanger as well.
This is the EXACT SLAT length. Not the RECESS SIZE
This is the length we will make your slats.

NB This does not apply to the slats where you are ordering a complete blind - for instructions on how to measure for complete blinds (inc rails) please scroll down

Remember all vertical blind fabrics come with batch numbers (like wallpaper) so if you buy one slat, then buy the rest at a later date, they might be a slightly different shade.

How to measure for a COMPLETE vertical blind.

Measuring inside your window or door frame.

First ensure that the recess your blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Look out for protruding tiles, pipes, skirting boards etc.

Measure the width first taking at least 3 measurements, the most important one is where the headrail is going to fit. Not all window and door recesses are square, you might find that the width where the headrail is going to fit is smaller then the middle and bottom of the window/door.

Then measure the drop, here measure in three places and pick the shortest drop. If you are measuring for a door, do you have a door mat? If you want your door mat by the door, leave the mat where it is going to be and then measure from the top to the mat, then move the mat over and take another measurement, remember always use the shortest measurement.

You can measure in mm or inches, and always use a steel rule.


We recommend you do this for any slight size variation and note down the smallest measurements to the nearest millimetre. If you prefer you can measure in inches or mm, and order that way.
We will make your blind to fit into the recess perfectly.
There is no need for you to make any adjustments. THIS IS CALLED RECESS SIZE

Your Blind will arrive about 5-10mm + or -, 1 or 3 mm smaller, so it hangs freely and fits perfect within the recess

Exact fit vertical blind

We will make your blind to the exact sizes you give us + or - 1 to 3mm.

The width will be from one end of the rail to the other, the drop will be from the top edge of the rail to the bottom edge of the fabric slats

The product in its brackets is supplied exactly to the size that has been ordered. THIS IS CALLED THE EXACT SIZE

If you want the blind to cover the width and height add at least 50mm (2 inches)

If you goto YOU TUBE and type in "How to measure a vertical blind"

It will give you several videos on how to measure vertical blinds.

Measuring for a roller blind

Recess measurement.

This is the measurement you need to specify if you want your blind to fit inside the window recess. There is no need for you to make any adjustments as we will make the deductions for the blind to fit the recess perfectly.

Measure the width of the window wall to wall (left to right) in 3 separate positions, Top, middle and bottom. Note down the smallest measurement inside the recess.

Measure the drop of the window (head to sill) in 3 separate positions, left, middle and right side. Again, note down the smallest measurement.

Note: For ‘Recess’ specified measurements we will make the necessary adjustment.