The control chain comes in one length, so you can cut it to your required length.

2m of chain will give you a 1m drop.

No 10 control chain (Never ending) double ball

Simple crop (small A)

Description: Number 10 (4.5/6) white plastic never ending control chain for roller blind control ends and the wide bodied vertical headrail. Check size from photo.
The chain comes as one complete loop of chain (No joiners) Never ending. So if you want a chain that is 1000mm long, pick the chain which is 1000mm long (this is one end of the chain to the other end, not the total length of the chain.)
Sizes start at 500mm to 2000mm, the size shown is the drop of chain you will receive
Packs includes free P+P to all UK post codes. MUST BE USED WITH A SAFETY DEVICE. SEE BELOW.

Simple crop (small A)